The Executive Board

Clare Simpson

Chief Executive

Prior to setting up her consultancy business, Clare held a number of HR Director roles with different companies in the private sector. An experienced senior HR leader, Clare has worked both at board level and in close partnership with CEOs and MDs to drive business strategy. Her work today comes from the transitions she has led businesses through and that she made personally on her journey to becoming a Director.


Since 2016, Clare has been working with integrated care systems and local service providers to support the development of primary care using the National Association of Primary Care’s (NAPC) Primary Care Home (PCH) model as a vehicle for change. She is a qualified executive coach who supports senior leaders to develop the necessary skills and behaviours to achieve their career goals and identify and resolve barriers to effective performance. Over the last 3 years, she has taken a lead role in establishing and embedding a Department of Health (DH) and Arm’s Length Body (ALB) collaborative talent management scheme for high potential individuals who see their careers in the national health and care system, working in DH or one of its 14 ALBs – the Health and Care Leaders Scheme. She has been working successfully with clients in both the public and private sectors for the last 18 years.


Today, she specialises in working in the health and care sector and in particular, primary and community care. She also has clients in the private and voluntary sector. Specifically, she works as a coach, trainer and consultant with a particular focus on working with clinical and operational leaders to successfully transition into more senior and complex management and leadership roles.

Janet Polson

Managing Partner

Janet has worked in the field of Human Resources for over 20 years and is a qualified Senior HR manager. She has held a number of senior HR roles in both the private and public sectors, predominantly in the health sector.  She was Director of HR for a London based regulator for ten years and was Director of HR at a NHS Foundation Trust from 2015 to 2017 and has been a corporate member of  Executive teams and Boards. More recently, she has been supporting small businesses with operational HR matters with a focus on supporting organisational change, TUPE projects and handling a wide range of employee relations issues.


Janet’s vast experience and strengths are helping “Start Ups” develop and implement bespoke HR operational services, systems and processes, helping established organisations review and improve their systems and processes to ensure they are fit for purpose, compliant with legislation and adopting best HR practice, and introducing new employee initiatives.

Examples of introducing systems and processes include:- robust employee ID checks, employment contracts and policies, IT software for HR information systems, employee records and data, pay calibration and strategies, and performance appraisal systems.


Janet’s key focus is in supporting  businesses to ensure they have the basic foundations of good HR management which helps  businesses succeed by maximising employee talent and being held in high regard by their employees and who in turn give commitment and loyalty to the business.


Good employer and employee relationships are key for a satisfied and productive workforce, however, as in life, sometimes change is needed and this can create tensions and difficulties between the employer and employee. Janet is skilled in supporting both parties in resolving differences and facilitating proactive and pragmatic solutions to conclude employee relations issues.